Here is how it works:

30* people
from Hamburg and Malmö

May 20-22, 2015
48h in Hamburg, Germany
Theme: Space for Creativity 

August 20-21, 2015
48h in Malmö, Sweden
Theme: Exploring Complexity in a digital world

To be continued...

Contribution is King!

  • Two participation levels: Contributor and Audience. You can either actively contribute to the schedule with a workshop or lecture or just dive in for inspiration and exchange.
  • Contributors cover the theme Space for Creativity and Exploring Complexity in a digital world from their individual and professional point of view.
  • Each contributor creates and condcuts one personal session of 60 – 180 minutes duration. 
  • Each session provides a very personal environment and has only 7 - 12 participants- ideal to make in-depth contacts, present projects and exchange ideas. 
  • There are two session types:
    • Type A: jam session – focus on free creation and exchange
    • Type B: boot camp – keynote/ workshop with defined output
  • All participants meet up and network in conjoint sessions, company visits, meals and parties.