Hamburg Sessions May 20–22, 2015.

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Hamburg Sessions May 20–22, 2015.

Explore Design Fiction 
with Jeremy Abbett 
Creative Evangelist, Google Germany

Through the digitization of our everyday lives, organizations that can learn and adapt to the exponentially changing environment are being elevated in their role within commerce, culture and creativity. Therefore, companies that are building and defining people's roles in this new world have a deeper responsibility of not just building the things right but building the right things.

Meet the Creative Road Warrior
with Steffan Heuer
US Correspondent, brand eins.

How do I set my virtual office anywhere I go (US, Europe, Asia etc.)?
Unboxing: What’s in my bag?
Where does SV differ from Europe?
How do I protect my work and my data when I am on the road?
Why this kind of work will be our common fate sooner or later: digital nomads hot-desking around the planet.
And why I don’t have a problem with it — neither should you.

with Justus Duhnkrack

Experience 'Kymatics'
with Sven Meyer, musician & media artist.

Design for Closed Loops
with Carsten Buck, Founder and CEO, Mutter. 

Benefit in design, material and relation if you take the end of life of a product as a starting point.

Find shelter in the Radio Bunker.
with ByteFM.

Robots Dance
with Martin Kleppe, Head of Development Ubilabs.

When you think of "developer conferences", you might imagine apathetic nerds eating burgers during boring hacker sessions. This session will proof the opposite: How a new generation of geeks is changing the way, tech conferences work.

Get a taste of Hamburg Food Startups
with local food startups :)

From XING we can walk or cycle to Grindel, a more residential quarter between university and Hamburg’s posh parts. Grindel is Hamburg’s former Jewish quarter with a lot of history. It’s also where a disproportional part of 040x040’s Hamburg hosts live with their families, meet to discuss interactive media etc. We’ll take a short walk around the area and then meet at Otto’s Burger (Grindelhof 33) where we speak to some of Hamburg’s food startups including the hosts Otto’s and Playground Coffee. For those that want to stay after the session there’s the chance to have dinner together, drink a glass of wine at Café Leonar or whatever.

Join Watch Later Club
with Simon Semrau (Head of labels care, finetunes
& Matthias Weber (IT'S THE GLUE).

We take a hand-picked blend of web video to the big screen–from Animation to Zorro Impersonators.

Take a lunch run around the Alster lake*.
with Arne Kittler, head of mobile, XING.
*includes a complimentary shower at XING.

A good 'Space for Creativity' is to get out of the building, get some
fresh air and fresh thoughts. One popular way of doing so in central
Hamburg is to run around Alster lake – apparently the #1 running route
in all Germany. For our guests from Malmö this
has the additional touristic benefit that we pass some parts of town
that otherwise won’t be on 040x040’s map: This is less about „the scene“ but quite scenic!

After Jeremy’s session at Google we’ll walk over to XING’s office
(Dammtorstrasse 30, next to the Opera) where you can drop your bags and
where you can decide whether you want to run or prefer to take a
bike-ride (9.5 km each). For those that want to run we
have 5 separate showers in the building. Please bring towels and
running gear. For those who cycle we’ll organize bikes.

Once we are done with our little round trip we meet again at XING’s
office for a joint Bagel lunch, a quick tour of XING’s offices and a
chance to use the WiFi for those without roaming.

Afterwards we’ll make our way to Grindel.

The Design of a Design Studio
an open studio session with Christophe Stoll,
co-founder precious design.

Discover Analog Literacy
with DJ MAD, DJ  & Producer

Develop Space & Interactions
with Martin Thörnkvist, Director
The Conference by Media Evolution
facilitated by precious design.

Take an Inspiration Walk
with Franziska Luh, Innovation Strategist.

We start with a brief introduction to innovation methods and why most are exceptionally boring. I would then like to convey my perspective on "intuitive, creative insight gathering" and give 4-5 different little assignments to do in Hamburg. This is the active part, where we stroll all over town. After we get back together, I would give a few thoughts on strategic analysis and recommendations, that people would actually enjoy receiving. Eventually, the group will be prototyping a creative interpretation of the implications found regarding Hamburg.

Discover space planning, culture, and new ways of working
with Andreas Lundberg, Concept Manager STUDIO Malmö.

Creativity and innovation needs place, but how do you create a place for creativity and innovation when it is done from scratch. Andreas Lundberg from Skanska is concept developer and owner for STUDIO a new international meeting place that is being built in Malmoe close to Media Evolution City. In a question and answer session Andreas gives an insight in the process of creating a new international hub in the innovative area of Västra Hamnen.

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Schedule may be subject to changes and alterations.