Hamburg Sessions
August 31–September 2, 2016.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

19:00 Welcome Dinner
kindly presented by Hamburg Marketing.

Taste young German Winemaking.

Details provided for contributors.

Thursday, September 1, 2016.

9:00 Welcome & Get Together
precious design studio
Völckersstraße 14-20, 22765 Hamburg
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9:30 Coffee & Three speakers
ImpactDOCK Hamburg - Cross-Mentoring for qualified immigrants and key-players working for local companies & organizations with Yukiko E. Kobayashi.
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Refugees on Rails with Christin Hinrichs.
Amongst the immigrants in Europe there are people with a great variety of skills. Our new fellow citizens (with our without papers) offer a strong opportunity for Europe to enrich its culture and empower its economy. Our aim is to expand the qualifications as software developers and provide valuable IT skills that improve the chances on the German labour market. 

I will talk about how we do it in Hamburg. Lets discuss if there are ways to introduce Refugees on Rails to Malmö.

Just Enough Research with Florie Salnot.

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11:15 Hands-On Product Thinking
with Tim Schurig, and Michael Schieben of The Product Field.

The Product Field is a cognitive medium for product innovation. Its visual nature helps you to easily understand product innovation as a complex adaptive system.

In this workshop you learn how to think with the Product Field.

Together we'll discuss and map existing products, explore their characters of innovation and visualize strengths and weaknesses to identify challenges that are central to success.

You'll leave the workshop with a new understanding of product innovation in general and a refreshed perspective on the product or service you are working on.
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12:30 Lunch
provided by Klappe.  

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14:00 Becoming an entrepreneur  
with Fridtjof Detzner, co-founder of Jimdo:

Founders Matthias Henze, Fridtjof Detzner and Christian Springub started Jimdo in 2007 in an old farmhouse in Northern Germany. They had no budget, but shared a vision: build a tool that makes it fun for anyone to create their own website.

Today more than 15 million people worldwide use Jimdo for their websites. The company has more than 270 employees in Germany, USA and Japan. In June 2015 Jimdo received a minor investment of €25 million euros from the US based Spectrum Equity.

Fridtjof Detzner, one of the Jimdo’s co-founders will share his experience of growing his business from entrepreneur, to becoming a founder of one of the Europe’s leading website builders.

Join us to get a unique perspective on the struggle to make a thriving business from the bottom up. How a passion developed into an idea that led to a successful company. As well as the transition from doing everything in the company, to hiring experts in their field, delegating and learning how to develop Jimdo into the company it is now.

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14:00 VR: Did Science Fiction just become a real Design Job?
with Michael Jonas, professor for digital media and brand communication at the University of Arts Braunschweig and Brand Academy University of Applied Sciences Hamburg.

We’ll kick off the session with an introduction of conceptual and technical aspects of VR and a quick overview of the German (non)commercial VR dev scene. 
But to understand the recent hype around VR you have to experience it yourself.
So we curated a selection of the recent benchmark demos from around the world as well as student projects created at the university in the last 12 months for everyone to try. 

- Limited to 10 participants-

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16:00 Creative Hospitality.
with Henning Weiß, Head of Development 25hours Hotels

Meet the creators of Hamburg based design hotel group 25hours Hotels.
With their houses in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna and Zürich- they have set new standards in contemporary hospitality. We meet Henning Weiß, the Chief Development Officer, in the Boilerman Bar at their newly opened house, 25hours Altes Hafenamt.

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20:00 040x040 Cruise
with DJ RITA & friends.
kindly presented by XING.

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Friday, September 2, 2016.

9:00 Welcome & Get Together
pilot Hamburg
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9:30 Home is where the talent is?
with Alisa Türck & Ole Keding, pilot Hamburg.

In a world where expertise is increasingly specialised and where certain talents are rare, finding the right people to fit you business needs as well as your company culture is everything but easy going. Geographical situation becomes an important factor under these circumstances. Some of the questions coming up are: How important is your city as a magnet for talents? How can companies and cities cooperate to build a more attractive surrounding? How influential are big neighbours (eg. Stockholm oder Berlin)?
We’d like do a little open minded creative workshop collecting more questions and some ideas in our cafeteria or rooftop (depending on weather) in our Hamburg office near Dammtor.

- - -

10:30 Autonomy through Alignment.
with Arne Kittler, Director Mobile Product Management, XING.

Intro + Workshop
We all seek autonomy in how we work - but in most professional setups it's a naive attempt to just "demand" autonomy: There are stakeholders, clients, partners... This is why I believe that autonomy will only be granted if you manage to create enough of an alignment with the people around you.

I will introduce a framework called "Auftragsklärung" which we've introduced in XING's product organization and which has helped us to ask some difficult questions early in order to improve clarity of thought and alignment. It also helps to get everybody on the same page about when a project is considered a success - and how to find out early if you are on the right track.

In the workshop part I would like to discuss in which contexts others in the group have felt the need for better alignment and how they usually work towards this alignment.

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12:00 Blind Paddleboat Date
with Hamburg Creatives & Entrepreneurs.
incl. lunch on lake Alster.
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14:00 Experience the Future of Living.
 with Lars Hinrichs, founder of XING, HackFwd, Apartimentum.

Apartimentum is a new breed of luxury smart housing. 
The Apartimentum combines the privacy of your own property with optional hotel-style services and all-inclusive flat rate prices with no hidden costs. The designer apartments we offer have modern ground plans and are equipped with the very best products on the market, featuring the latest smart home technology.

It's founder Lars Hinrichs (also founder of XING) will show us around Apartimentum and you will learn more about the concept. 

- - -

15:30 Discover Millerntor Gallery
with Anna Lafrentz, Millerntor Galley.

Millerntor Gallery is an international arts, music, and culture festival for creative engagement. Initiated by Viva con Agua and hosted by FC Sankt Pauli in their Millerntor Stadium, it is both an art gallery and a cultural festival.
Through the universal languages of art, music, and football the visitors are encouraged to engage with social and environmental issues.

In this session you get a view into Millerntor Gallery (at St. Pauli Stadium) and learn more about their work and the artists they work with.

- - -

16:00 Play Hamburg Songs Bingo
with Mitra Kassai aka DJ RITA.

DJ RITA alias Mitra is a Hamburg based music and culture manager.
She will spin a selection of classic and contemporary Hamburg tunes, while you team up with a Hamburgian to play HAMBURG SONGS BINGO at the
Viva con Agua Lounge at Millerntor Stadium. 

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17:00 Fin

Please Note:
Schedule may be subject to changes and alterations.