We all discover different things during 040x040.
Some of our 2018 contributors have shared their most memorable moments.


I think I can take a lot home with me. Hamburg was really a great surprise in itself. I haven’t travelled within Germany that often except to Berlin, but I really like Hamburg as a city. Quirky, gritty and busy. Very cool!

Arvid Laban Falk, hotel manager MJ’S Malmö

Our visit to Airbus Protospace was great because we got an exclusive insider’s view into a branch of technology that actually shares more and more similarities with my own work in digital marketing and UX design.

– Alexander Meinhardt, experience designer & consultant



As I currently work in a project for a big company, it was interesting to see that other big companies like Airbus invite start-ups to fuel their innovation capacity.

Karin Lidman Adsegard, UX designer

I work a lot in city development and for me to learn about the tools the CityScience Lab at HafenCity University developed to find refugee housing were very inspiring. The way they use data and share different urban scenarios with citizens would also apply to my everyday work life. For me this event is less like a conference but a field trip where you meet lots of interesting people.


– Andreas Lundberg, concept manager, STUDIO Malmö


Andreas Skanska.jpg


I really loved the blind dates between Swedes and Germans in pedal boats on lake Alster!


– Rainer Klute, communications designer

Best Moment? It was great being able to listen to the rehearsal of the Malmö SymfoniOrkester in the Elbphilharmonie’s Grand Hall.


Ole Utikal, Designer



Most of all I enjoyed the discussions with other people and the views from the Elbphilharmonie.


– Anna Oscarsson, COO Topp Design & Innoation