Corporations, Organisations & Institutions
(10+ employees)


Corporations, Organisations & Institutions
(10+ employees)


Organisations with
10+ employees.

One admission to 040x040 event June 4–5, 2018 (Hamburg) & September 26–28, 2018 (Malmö)

040x040 is a participatory format- think of it as a picnic for ideas and exchange. We provide the blanket and every participant is invited to bring content or projects to discuss.

Please note: all ticket prices are exclusive of 19% German VAT that will be added to your total upon checkout. For invoice recipients based in Sweden, VAT will be exempted. 

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  • Connect and engage with brilliant creatives and innovators from Malmö & Hamburg in a stimulating 48-hour exchange environment.  
  • Gain first hand insights into German & Swedish business, culture & market.
  • Become part of an exclusive personal & business network between Hamburg and Malmö.
  • showcase your work across the creative communities of Hamburg and Malmö.
  • share knowledge & experience in an intimate session formats.
  • tap into the local potential for recruiting and lead generation.


  • 2-day curated schedule in Hamburg (June 4–5, 2018).
  • Welcome Dinner at the day of arrival (Monday, June, 4, 2018) 


  • 2-day curated schedule in Malmö (September 27–28, 2017).
  • Welcome Dinner at the day of arrival (Wednesday, September, 26, 2018) 
  • Free daytime access to Media Evolution City co-working space with free WiFi & mingling in central Malmö.
  • Please note: accomodation and travel costs are not included. However some Hamburg locals are offering homestays. Please contact us for details.