What previous contributors said.

"I hate conferences. 
But I love small, informal and fluid networks of smart people who develop ideas, share them and drive change. When these groups get together it creates the kind of cross-pollination that we all need to be more creative and productive. That’s why I truly enjoyed being part of an 040x040 event. I learned things and met people from Hamburg and Malmö that I’d otherwise never have run into."

— Steffan Heuer, US Correspondent brand eins Wirtschaftsmagazin and co-author of “Mich kriegt Ihr nicht!”, a primer for digital self-defense (Murmann, 2015). @sheuer fakeit.info


It was a great experience in so many ways: new contacts, new knowledge, new city that I come to love, new ways of thinking. Just a very good initiative and I would love to join again! 

— Yasemin Arhan Modéer is the founder and CEO of Altitude Meetings, a company working with conference and meetings, focusing on strategy and content. 


For sure my best experience 2015. The Hamburg Malmö connection- it’s so unexplored, and it was inspiring to really feel the will of all the participants to establish long term relations. 040x040 is the perfect combination of knowledge sharing and relationship building.

— Martin Thörnkvist, Director The Conference by Media Evolution


I like that it’s small. You get to meet with everyone and you feel like a family quickly.
It is easy to speak. This is more about sharing than presenting- which is key.

— Andreas Hedin, Head of Design Tactel AB

We met a lot of interesting businesses and people, got a good feeling of how it is to work and live in Hamburg. At the same time you get the opportunity to reflect on how we live and work in Malmö, and what we can learn from each other.
— Johan Salo, CEO and Founder Do-Fi.